It begins in the Backyard

We spent all day Monday working outside. Tuesday the professionals arrived and finished. To prepare for the excavation work that will begin on Saturday I have to get all of our belongings clear of the backyard and stored away. We have chickens. I like to garden. This is a task that sounds easier than it is. Take a look. This all has to go:



Luckily, I have the most AMAZING neighbors (you’ll learn more about them in a coming Post). They have graciously agreed to let us use their backyard not only to store our belongings but also to store our Chickens. Wow. Here are a collection of snapshots from Monday. I tried to get before & afters whenever possible.


DSC_1080 (1) dWNw8 yNHAS


Undisturbed Coops with River guarding. An after of fence panel removed with all furniture lined up to move into our neighbors’ backyard.


DSC_1085 (1) DSC_1111

That wheelbarrow of wood has been hanging over my head for months. Not anymore!


DSC_1107 DSC_1115DSC_1106DSC_1090 (1)


The patio of the Host home will be excavated and redone to be cohesive with the rest of the new landscape design. In preparation  we took down an ugly freestanding fence panel and removed the furniture. Tuesday, Mark Lohmeier arrived to save the day. I could not have asked for a nicer, more willing or harder working person. He helped with the remaining of our yard moving process. Mark was sent to us by Andy and we owe him a big thank you! Here are just a couple photos from Mark’s day:


Ew0YE GjsW4


move all the bricks from our original chimney and all the pavers and cobblestones form our firepit to the opposite corner of the property.




My new friend, thank you.


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