Landscaping with LandLine Design

LandLine Design is run by two wonderful and talented women who I am lucky enough to call friends.

I have worked with Melissa & Chris on previous projects and have been repeatedly impressed with their great communication, professionalism and design style.

No one else was even considered for this ADU project. I knew I HAD to get them to help me pull this vision together. LandLine was excited and prompt in their acceptance to get this project underway. They have the type of subtle enthusiasm that spreads to me when we work together.

Landscaping for a Tiny House is much more important than most people realize. Consulting with the landscape designers is essential when drawing site plans and developing storm water mitigation methods required by the city. Luckily, we had these two wonderful women help us sort out all that was needed of us to work into a cohesive design.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the material they presented me with earlier this week. Once I make the final design choices, check the Design page at the top menu bar for the accepted Plans!

Shannon Review LandLine Proposal


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