Contracts & Bulldozers. What a week!

Last I wrote on the progress of the ADU build, we had cleared the back yard in preparation for the excavation.

Well, excavation began and they did not lose any time! Pascal and his team at M. Leon are amazing. I love working with him and his family because they make me feel like I am family too. Honestly, that is why I choose to work with him, not only because he is the best but because he understands & respects what is truly important to me.

Here are some images of the process.

They are in order from beginning through to staking of the foundations.

DSC_1126breaking grounddigging outdigging out 3drive removedpatio removedaftermath 1staking out 1

Once the staking was complete, the footings were then dug out.

staking out 5footing trench 3

14 yards of soil removed! No small task. Thank you Pascal!

After the impact of excavation and back and forth of smoothing out kinks in the wording, Andy and I sit down to sign the official GC Contract.

shannon contract andy contract

Two huge milestones on this ADU journey. What a week.


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