Sexy Paint

Interior Designers understand the impact color can make. As both an interior designer + color consultant, I make my living from the correct and best use of color. I knew it would be doubly important when it came time to select a color for this ADU.

When I first purchased the host home, I had wanted to paint it black. At that time friends and colleagues talked me out of it, saying to was too bold. I muted my wants and painted the host home a palette of deep grays. It looks lovely but has never been what I really wanted.

Now, I am being bold + boss. I am making a big statement in this small space. I am painting the ADU black.

We originally selected 5 blacks to have draw-downs made: Carbon Copy, French Beret, Mopboard Black, Jet Black + Black Panther

The WINNER?! ………. Jet Black

This Benjamin Moore color had the right balance of hues. It wasn’t too warm or cool but had enough depth to make it look rich. I just wish it had a cooler name.


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