Finishing the ‘Envelope’

It’s winter time in Portland and getting cold quickly. To continue making this ADU feel like a warm and inviting ‘nest’ the next step was to keep the interior warm. Insulation! To keep the project small and green focused, I decided to use a type of recycled wool blend insulation called EcoBatt. It’s used and recommended for schools and hospitals because its formaldehyde-free and is a LEED certified product.


Drywall is ready and waiting to be installed now that the exterior is completed.DSC_1101

We worked with the guys at JB Insulation to get this little house buttoned-up.


The main bath upstairs


Once the insulation is up it really DOES feel like being inside a nest.

Another big step forward was the arrival and installation of the garage door. It’s a manual operation but adjusted to open and close easily so that I can operate it. The hardware and tracks along the ceiling will remain exposed in the finished space.


The people at Metro OHD worked with us to custom make the garage door to fit the tiny ADU size. DSC_1099


My dear friend Josh came by the house and I gave him a quick update and tour of the ADU. I even got to show off the fireplace.josh triptic


Things are moving along and I am excited to see the next phase as the sheetrock gets installed!


One thought on “Finishing the ‘Envelope’

  1. AAAHHHH!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! LOOK AT IT!!! LOOK AT YOU!!! I cannot wait to see you, and I cannot wait to see it! How was Thanksgiving at Carson & Colin’s? How are things w/Lydia? How are you? I will call you this weekend! xoox

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