A new year for new beginnings- 2014

It is a practice of mine to sit down at the beginning of the year and look toward my future while evaluating my past.  Now, this sounds very in depth. Actually, it is a brief, simple, truly helpful and insightful process.

Last week I had a friend give me her “Think About It” list to help me evaluate my next goals. Its a list of 14 questions that are general and are intended to be answered briefly – just one or two sentences of the first things that come to mind. Questions like: “What did I love doing last year? And vice versa?”, “What do I dread doing that is a regular part of my business? How can I responsibly minimize the time I spend doing it?” or “What were my favorite transactions last year?”.

These questions and answers have helped me make my 2014 goals.  More specifically the words that I kept using or repeating in my answers are what is insightful. One word or phrase I used a lot: ADU

This ADU project has made a HUGE impact on my past year. The chaos of having your home also be an active job site. The excitement of seeing a project move toward completion. The stress of balancing a budget and a timeline effectively. All of these things made last year a whirlwind.

Having the ADU finished is going to give me a quiet place to work from, a retreat to come home to and clearer headspace to be more focused on my design + real estate business. Finishing the ADU is going to make 2014 a milestone year.

I love this little house and all the potential it brings.

Happy 2014.


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