Odds + Ends

There are always the little projects that add up in any home remodel or new build. They are usually the details that slip your mind at the beginning of the process but ultimately have a big impact on your daily life.

So far on this ADU its, things like: my horribly muddy walkway, my displaced chickens, the address numbers that everyone will see when they come to my home, the main gate to pass through which begins the journey to the little house in the backyard.

I thought I’d put all of these little things into one blog post. Each is too trivial for its own story, but together, they help outline all the little things that make this build both stressful and rewarding.

The incredibly muddy path leading to the ADU. It has looked like this since the rain began in Sept. We had originally slotted landscaping for one of the last phases of construction but this issue has pushed itself to the front of the que. Andy and I had a meeting last week to brainstorm our quickest, easiest and best solutions.


Walk the plank

The original site plan called for the chickens to still be attached to the host home. After months of consideration, we came to the realization that this was not the best long term option. As a family we now take care of the chickens, but when the time comes for me to move to the ADU and the kids embark on new journeys and adventures, where do we draw the line in animal care? I dont want the responsibility of “the girls” left to the future tenants of the host home. The chickens are our pets and I pride myself in being a responsible pet owner. I need to have easy access to them for their safety and care. Plus, I enjoy their quirky personalities and their company when outside. This is why we had to re-group and re-draw the site design. This meant the coop had to move to the opposite side of the property, included in the ADU grounds.

Thank you Andy, Bill and Darrell for putting the coop together and being so sensitive to our family’s needs.


Darrell INSIDE the coop, wrapping the chicken wire under the bottom to prevent rats/mice from getting in


I am a farm-girl at heart


they love to follow me around the yard


the coop will be a feature on the main path to the ADU


the girls left me a housewarming present by the ADU front door


we decided to go with the historic Portland Numbers on the host home and ADU


the same Bobi mailbox will be under the numbers on the ADU gate


No job is too trivial. Every detail must be perfect. Thank you Andy!


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