Winding down



It always comes to a point when you no longer have big milestones but little victories to mark your journey.

This is the point I have reached in the ADU. It is the small things completed that make this space feel more like home. Take a look:


The electrical is working. 4″ cans with adjustable trim allow for soft lighting and accents on artwork placed on the walls.


Permits, plans and reference drawings. These slips of paper are our guides toward completion.


Make a list. Check it twice.


A mini-split is placed in the upstairs loft to provide additional heat in the winter and cool air in the hottest days of summer.


EcoHeat installs the on demand hot water heater in the tiny storage loft above my entry.


The pump provides hot water to my radiant heating, bathrooms and kitchen.


Bir’d eye view of the work zone.


The tiniest washer and dryer are located in the closet upstairs. the smallest size available, it just barely fits into a custom nook at 24″ wide.


I have a chat with the guys as they install the cable and radiant components. The triangular loft over the entry is my designated “mechanical” area.


So many more things have progressed! It will have to wait for another post though…


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