Tiny luxuries. Tiny House.

It is the small accents that make this tiny house shine. Being so particular about how the house was built and designed, you can be sure I spent a great deal of time culling over every object that would be allowed in the home. I decided early on that the aesthetic of the home would be items with minimal profile and simple lines. This also needed to be reflected in the hardware and accents in the space.

Here is a small sampling of my prized accents.


Matte white elongated subway tile. Not your standard 4×6, this 3×10 tile has a slimmer profile and eliminates choppy grout lines. The matte finish of the tile keeps with the flat paint finish of the house, eliminating glare and lending a soft glow with the bounce of light . This photo was taken and sent to the contractor to show him EXACTLY how we wanted this installed behind the range.



The placement of the accents are key. Aligning the top of the towel bar with the top of the sink deck creates one continuous visual line that is pleasing to the eye.


Specialty TP holder recesses into the vanity cabinet and Linnea towel bars provide minimal decorative accents. I find that some of the simplest accents have the greatest beauty.


All of the lines in the house are angular and rectilinear. No ornate curves. That is why I was very specific when choosing the door hardware. It had to follow the same shape. I love my Emtek levers and deadbolts with a brushed stainless steel finish.


A glass and teak MCM display case was one of my prized finds from my old home. After holding on to it for quite some time, we finally found the perfect use for it. A tea station! Floating just under the open shelves and tucked behind the fridge. The glass fronts keep my mugs and vintage tea service free from dust while providing enough space under the unit for my kettle and cutting boards.


Custom window treatments were chosen for the rich texture and play of materials. Bamboo, 2 tones of linen and metallic threading create a covering that is closer to artwork than your average shade.


Window coverings, sized-to-fit, allow the reveal of the VG fir trim that I cherish in the ADU. French linens and a Noguchi lamp are the perfect little luxuries that make my home so inviting.


One thought on “Tiny luxuries. Tiny House.

  1. So gorgeous! Love the lines, the colors, the materials. Normally hate subway tile because of all the lines and busyness, but love this one.

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