Final Pictures from a talented Friend

It’s happened.

The ADU is complete. Well, there will always be small things: final landscaping, hanging artwork, rearranging furniture, etc. You get the idea. The point I am making is that the construction on the ADU is finally over. I have settled in. Mostly.       (organizing my clothes is SO HARD)

Yes, now this space is my home. I love the solitude and refinement. Love waking up and seeing my home and remembering the decisions + consideration that went into every single detail. Love the warmth. Love the light. Love the connection to nature. Love the culling of items that are important to me. Love how I have made it my own. Love all the design changes that I made.

I am full of love.

To celebrate, my friend Mark Toal came over to capture the final images. Bless him they are stunning. I am so lucky to live in this place.

P1090688 P1090690 P1090693 P1090700 P1090702 P1090708 P1090713 P1090725 P1090741 P1090750 P1090761 P1090764 P1090766 P1090769 P1090773 P1090791 P1090798 P1090804 P1090806 P1090807 P1090818 P1090826 P1090831 P1090832 P1090833 P1090846Skull in jar We love you photo Shannon in kitchen


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