A Design Undertaking: ADU wrap party

This past Sunday I had my housewarming party. To be more descriptive, it was called “Shannon’s Tiny House Big Party”. That title was 100% accurate. With over 140 RSVPs, I spent the week leading up to the event in a kind of half shock/ half panic state. Questions kept spinning though my mind: I know that many people? How do I know that many people?! They all want to see my home? How could I be so blessed to be supported by such a loving community? Where are they all going to fit? What happens if it rains? How am I going to feed that many people?!!! Luckily, since I am supported by amazing individuals, they all jumped at the chance to lend a hand to the big day. A friend + musician, Peter Broderick, offered to play a set in my living room and bring his mom to sing with him for live entertainment. Another friend, Beau, offered to bring his sound engineering equipment over and do a live recording. Anna had previous experience in catering large events, so took over the planning of food/drink/decorations and set up and brought in her friend/chef Lizzie to help run the operation. My dear Naomi, graciously lent us her catering supplies from her restaurant. “Bamboo Jim” lent some beautiful handmade furniture. Many other friends dropped by to bring flowers, help with the landscaping and set up tents. All fell into place and the event was a huge success!  All the guests came staggered throughout the day so it never felt overwhelming or cramped. Everyone was gracious, kind and effusive in their praise of the ADU. Now, I am in a different state of shock. I am in shock from all of the love and emotions that poured forth on Sunday. Thank you to everyone who came, who could not come but shared kind thoughts and to all of those who helped.   The images are from the start of the event to the aftermath of the next day. IMG_0001 IMG_0002 IMG_0003 IMG_0004IMG_0014IMG_0017IMG_0024IMG_0059IMG_0035IMG_0036IMG_0038IMG_0041IMG_0047IMG_0049IMG_0058Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 6.09.17 PMScreen Shot 2014-05-01 at 6.09.29 PMIMG_0602IMG_0603IMG_0604IMG_0606IMG_0607IMG_0608IMG_0609IMG_0610IMG_0615IMG_0616IMG_0619IMG_0620


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